OLH discoverability work

Posted by Martin Paul Eve on 2015-10-08

In response to a request today, we present here a brief update on the work we’re undertaking to ensure OLH is discoverable.

We are first and foremost working to get all our OAI endpoints up and working. This will enable the completion of the Paperity indexing process which in turn will feed into EBSCOhost and will then be pulled down into various types of library cataloguing software.

Secondly, we are working to get all of our journals listed in DOAJ and to complete article-level metadata. Again, this should ensure that systems such as ProQuest’s “Serials Solutions” integrate our content on their next refresh.

Finally, our technical provider, Ubiquity Press, is working on a programme of outreach to providers like ProQuest to ascertain whether we can get direct metadata ingest through such services.

Sadly, these processes all come with a time lag that is beyond our control. We could not get this up and running before the platform launched and it takes time for indexers to refresh their content, pull down, approve deposit etc. We will post another update when we have further information, but please rest assured that work on this is underway.


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