Short unplanned downtime: Thursday 1st October 2015

Posted by Martin Paul Eve on 1 October 2015

This morning the OLH tech. team detected a short period of downtime on the server lasting approximately 45 minutes. This caused OLH journals to be unavailable. We apologise for this inconvenience and offer the following by way of a transparent report.

This unplanned downtime was caused by the first occurrence of an unforeseen event on our new infrastructure. Our web server encountered an error and went into a restart cycle. In normal operation this ensures that even serious software problems do not affect uptime (and we have redundant backup servers for seamless switchover and load balancing). However, because of our commitment to security (and our signature to the Library Digital Privacy Pledge), we employ SSL on all the domains over which we have control. In this instance, one of our SSL keys required a password and this blocked the web server from successfully restarting.

We are now taking measures to ensure that this does not happen again. You can monitor the status of the OLH platform at