• Malmö Keynote on Open Access & the Humanities

    Malmö Keynote on Open Access & the Humanities

    Posted by Martin Paul Eve on 2015-04-12


OLH Co-Director Dr Caroline Edwards has been invited by the National Library of Sweden to give the keynote for the "Meeting Place: Open Access Conference" in Malmö, April 2015. The title of Caroline's talk will be "Opening Up Open Access Beyond the Sciences: Learning from the Open Library of Humanities" and it will introduce the conference's theme of open access, with sub-themes on open research data, societal impact and researcher support for open access publishing.

Here's the abstract for the keynote, as well as a link to the PowerPoint slides Caroline will be using to accompany the talk.

This keynote will consider the latest developments in open access publishing within the humanities. Since the open access movement gained pace in the early 2000s with the Budapest OA Initiative and the founding of the Public Library of Science, humanities disciplines have lagged behind their scientific counterparts. However, the landscape is rapidly changing and academics, librarians, and publishers are working together to meet the growing demand for open access. This demand is fuelled both “from above” (in terms of national-level mandates for research councils in the UK, EU and Australia), as well as being pushed for “from below” by a new generation of humanities scholars and students keen to bring humanities publishing in line with 21st-century expectations and practices.
    The Open Library of Humanities (OLH) is an academic-led, gold open access megajournal, multi-journal and book publishing platform, which is collectively funded through library subsidies. The project launched in 2013 with a series of international organisational committees and publishing is scheduled to begin from Summer 2015. In her capacity as Co-Director of the OLH, Dr Edwards has gained invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities that confront new OA ventures. Addressing crucial questions of quality and prestige, peer review, the reputation of journals associated with scholarly societies, and funding the transfer towards open access are vital. However, the possibilities for transforming the way in which we read, catalogue, archive, and share academic work are exciting and offer an unprecedented opening up of scholarship and scholarly dialogue within our highly networked online environment. 

Click here to view the accompanying PowerPoint slides or preview below.

See here for the conference programme and further information (in Swedish): http://www.kb.se/aktuellt/utbildningar/2015/Motesplats-Open-Access-2015/

Featured image by Maria Eklind under a CC BY-SA license.


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