• Editorial Workflow Code

    Editorial Workflow Code

    Posted by Martin Paul Eve on 2015-03-04


We're very pleased to announce today the first release of unique code developed for the Open Library of Humanities by Ubiquity Press. The patch for OJS 2.4.3 alters the workflow so that Section Editors make draft decisions that are then overseen by Editors.

Dr. Martin Paul Eve, one of the OLH project directors, said: “We're very glad to be working with Ubiquity Press and to be able to give uniquely developed components for our ecosystem back to the community. This particular modification to PKP's excellent Open Journal Systems gives us the flexibility that we need at the Open Library of Humanities to devolve control to competent Section Editors while still ensuring our oversight of a rigorous and fair peer review process.”

Andy Byers, Ubiquity's lead developer and author of the modification, added “It’s been great working with OLH to develop custom workflow for OJS and it’s nice to see the code available for others to make use of.”

The patch is available as free and open software at Ubiquity Press's GitHub account under the GNU Public License version 2.


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