• Gettysburg College supports OLH model

    Gettysburg College supports OLH model

    Posted by Martin Paul Eve on 2015-01-29

Gettysburg College

We're extremely pleased to announce that Gettysburg College has joined the international consortium of libraries that financially supports the Open Library of Humanities. Gettysburg College has a strong academic reputation and since its founding in 1832, the College has upheld a rigorous commitment to the liberal arts in all their breadth and depth.

The Open Library of Humanities has a mission to make high-quality, peer-reviewed research available freely online. Funded by library cooperation, there are no author-facing charges for the work we do in our publishing, unlike many other open-access academic publishers.

Dr. Martin Paul Eve, one of the founders and academic project directors of the OLH, welcomed Gettysburg: “It is wonderful that institutions like Gettysburg are participating in the Open Library of Humanities model. Everyone benefits when research work from the humanities is open access. We believe that our model will achieve this in a more equitable fashion for these disciplines.”

Janelle Wertzberger, who coordinates scholarly communications activities and manages Gettysburg College's institutional repository, says "Collaborative projects like OLH make it possible for libraries of all sizes to contribute meaningfully to an academic publishing model that is both open and sustainable. This is the future that Gettysburg College's library wants for our students, graduates, authors, researchers, and community. We are pleased to make a five-year commitment to help create a publishing environment that works for all stakeholders."

Libraries outside the US and UK interested in joining the OLH Library Partnership Subsidy model should contact Dr. Martin Paul Eve: martin.eve@openlibhums.org. UK-based libraries will shortly be able to join through Jisc Collections. US-based libraries can join through LYRASIS at https://lyrasis.openlibhums.org.


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