Monograph Publishing Pilot

Posted by Martin Paul Eve on 2 July 2014


As supporters of the OLH may already know, during early discussions the committees strongly felt that supporting monograph publishing would be key for a successful transition into an open access environment. It is also clear that the challenges in the mongraph sphere are of a magnitude greater than those facing journal articles. Given the scale and complexity of the task it was imperative that we brought on board partner organisations who share the OLH's commitment to sustainable open access publishing and who can offer substantial expertise in producing monographs.

We are therefore delighted to be able to announce that the partners we have been in discussion with to launch the OLH Monograph Publishing Pilot are Oxford University Press, Harvard University Press, Cambridge University Press and the born-OA press Open Book Publishers. This pilot will be able to run if the Library Partnership Subsidy (LPS) reaches its optimum level of participation from library supporters woldwide (the megajournal part of the OLH project can be secured at minimal levels of library participation). We strongly feel that the monograph pilot presents a unique opportunity to protect the future of the academic book, which remains the gold standard for scholarly research in the humanities disciplines.


Image by takomabibelot under a CC BY license.