• Roadmap for Technical Pilot

    Roadmap for Technical Pilot

    Posted by Martin Paul Eve on 2013-05-15

Computer Guts

We're pleased to announce that the roadmap for the technical pilot platform for the OLH megajournal is nearing completion.

In order to implement an efficient XML-first publication environment, the platform will consist of (among many other aspects):

  • A document management and submission system derived from Open Journal Systems
  • A typesetting mechanism that transforms from ODT/DOCX to intermediary TEI and NLM journal tagset XML (where medium-appropriate)
  • A sophisticated citation parser (for metadata extraction) driven by a custom regular expression library, machine learning techniques implemented in FreeCite, and the Lemon8XML approach
  • A new presentation (view) layer for OJS that will facilitate the curation of overlay journals
  • A discoverability API layer from OJS
  • Automatic green deposit in institutional repositories via the SWORD protocol
  • Full CrossRef and CrossMark integration

Initial pilot development has focused on the typesetting mechanism and citation parsing as these can prove to be the most labour intensive points in traditional typesetting systems. As you'd expect, all code will be released under a free license with GPL compatibility.

Image by Amber Case under a CC BY-NC license.



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