• Insights into the Economy of Open Scholarship: A look into the Open Library of Humanities with Martin Paul Eve, Co-founder

    Posted by Paula Clemente Vega on 2019-03-27

Martin Paul Eve, Co-director and Co-founder the Open Library of Humanities was interviewed as part of the Insights into the Economy of Open Scholarship collection of interviews. A series of interviews compiled by Gwen Franck for Knowledge Exchange featuring pioneer initiatives on new and alternative business models in the area of open scholarship. The interview posted below is part of the first three interviews of this series, together to Jessica Polka from ASAPbio and Jadranka Stojanovski from HRČAK.

The full collection of interviews will be published in summer 2019. Full details are available on the Knowledge Exchange website: www.knowledge-exchange.info/event/insights-into-open-scholarship



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