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Open Insights: Open Video and the Audiovisual Body

Posted by Paula Clemente Vega on 2018-10-26

An Open Insights essay by Ben SpatzFig 1. Screenshot of  Spatz, B. (2018). Editorial. Journal of Embodied Research, 1(1), 5 (7:55) Ben Spatz is editor of the new videographic Journal of Embodied Research from Open Library of Humanities and the Advanced Methods series from Punctum Books, both open access initiatives that intervene in academic epistemologies at the level of method. They [...]

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Open Insights: OA, Career Progression and the Threat of the ‘Generational Fallacy’

Posted by Paula Clemente Vega on 2018-09-17

An Open Insights essay by Jennifer Edmond Jennifer Edmond is a recovering alt-ac professional recently named to the position of Associate Professor of Digital Humanities at Trinity College Dublin. She is also the President of the Board of Directors of the DARIAH-ERIC, a pan-European research infrastructure for arts and humanities and a member of the European Commission’s Open Science Policy [...]

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Open Insights: What’s to Be Done? Thoughts on Moving the Open Access Conversation Forward

Posted by Paula Clemente Vega on 2018-08-03

An Open Insights essay by Michael Roy Stephen Buranyi’s piece from last summer “Is the staggeringly profitable business of scientific publishing bad for science?” (short answer: yes) and Jon Tennant’s “Scholarly publishing is broken. Here’s how to fix it” are timely reminders that the open access movement matters to us as a society, that it is a movement that involves fighting against [...]

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Open Insights: The Open Access Companion to the Canterbury Tales

Posted by James Smith on 2018-04-03

Heading for the Open Rogue: The Open Access Companion to the Canterbury TalesAn Open Insights interview with Alex MuellerImage: William Blake's engraving of Chaucer's Canterbury Pilgrims.I suspect that scholars and librarians feel roughly the same way about academic publishers. They find it increasingly difficult to live with them, but fear they cannot live without them. When skyrocketing [...]

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