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OLH Readership in 2019 and a Reflection on the First Half Decade

Posted by Paula Clemente Vega on 2020-02-10

Publishing in open access formats implies a series of challenges and opportunities. The opportunity of having research published openly is that it will always improve the speed, efficiency and efficacy of research, its reproducibility and the potential for collaboration. Open access also increases the visibility, usage and impact of research, allowing everyone to benefit from it. Last year at the [...]

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OLH Readership and Cost Reports for 2018-2019

Posted by Martin Paul Eve on 2019-02-18

It is a truism to note that “all metrics are wrong”. In the world of open access, this may be even more applicable, though. As I have noted elsewhere, different institutions want different metrics (“our readers”, “our authors”) and it is sometimes very difficult to provide these data. Further, we know that a “view” of a web page is not the same as a “read” or any kind of real-world [...]

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