Mauro Sanchez

Senior Publishing Technologies Developer
The Architect

Mauro is in charge of managing development processes and operations for Janeway, OLH’s journal publishing platform. Before joining the OLH team he previously worked in academic publishing, and has a decade of experience in academic publishing software development.

Mauro is Janeway’s expert in back-end publishing technology development and system design. His vital work ensures that the project’s digital infrastructure remains robust and futureproof, ensuring it meets the changing needs of its users, both now and for years to come.

When he isn’t tinkering with new gadgets, Mauro enjoys retro gaming, arts and crafts, and cinema – including all things Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. As well as being a massive foodie and proficient cook with a love of East Asian dishes, Mauro is also an expert segway instructor and a trained certified barista. The team are still waiting to see him make the perfect latte macchiato while pulling a wheelie.