Siobhan Haime

Publishing Technologies Librarian
The Tactician

Siobhan is a doctoral candidate in linguistics, and has a BA in Liberal Arts and Science - majoring in Computer Science, Cognitive Neuroscience and Statistics. She is an experienced librarian who provides outreach and support across Janeway, our open source publishing platform, looking after our users and problem solving with her trademark skill and wit.

Siobhan is driven by a strong sense of social equity and believes passionately in open access and knowledge equity, and has a keen interest in digital transformation and technological advances in librarianship. She has previous experience working on collections and acquisitions in academic libraries. She is also a leading member of the Global Equity Network, set up to support ethnic minority / Global majority staff in the library sector, and which has recently been successful in applying for a UKSG Innovation Grant.

She is a natural storyteller and has previously done theatre stand-up, and is a keen problem solver and force for change. When not putting the world to rights from her keyboard she can be found hiking, gaming, cooking or grumbling about AI.