Cate Meredith

CHASE Doctoral Training Partnership Intern
The Polymath

Cate works across specialisms, bringing her breadth of academic, marketing and technical experience to the team. She is particularly interested in editorial publishing processes, and was drawn to the OLH for its more equitable vision of academic publishing.

Cate is a PhD researcher at Birkbeck, University of London, where she also holds a BA in History of Art with Curating and an MA in History of Architecture. Before embarking on her academic career change, Cate previously worked as a journalist and a writer, and is a published novelist. She has ten years experience in marketing, having founded her own marketing company, and has worked as a Senior Software Programmer for Disney.

Cate grew up in Texas before moving to Washington D.C., and has lived in the UK for a decade. She is a self-confessed TV connoisseur who also loves hiking, walking, nature and horses. She collects roses, ceramics and pottery, and anything to do with chickens or pheasants. She has met both Madonna and George Bush (though not at the same time), and has a rambunctious cat called Patches.