Naomi Morris

CHASE Doctoral Training Partnership Intern

Naomi is completing a Creative-Critical PhD in non-fiction writing at the University of East Anglia, and is a published poet. Her specialisms include memoir, experimental non-fiction writing and the essay form, and she also holds an MA in Creative Writing from Edinburgh University.

Naomi previously worked as a bookseller, and has experience organising workshops for young readers, focusing on LGBTQ and underrepresented demographics in children’s literature. She relishes tackling a tricky copyedit, accompanied by her trusty feline companion Julian, and shares OLH’s drive to make knowledge openly accessible for all.

Naomi has eclectic tastes in reading, films, TV and art, with a particular affinity for Twin Peaks, folk horror, ghost stories and the supernatural, and she is currently learning Scottish Gaelic. When she isn’t sniping typos with the OLH editorial team, Naomi enjoys doing hatha and yin yoga, film photography, and mushroom-spotting on walks in the woods.