Andy Byers

Director of Publishing Technology
Defender of the Code

Andy is a co-founder of Janeway, the OLH’s journal publishing platform, proudly designed and built in-house. Andy leads development of the system and is its principal contact, and has nearly a decade’s experience working in academic publishing.

Andy is a fierce defender of Janeway’s open source aims and values, and is passionate about sharing knowledge and code equitably. His work continually improves Janeway’s software for the benefit of all, and he works with clients from around the world to ensure the project continues to grow and evolve with its users. He is on the Editorial Board for the Open Access Toolkit and the Technical Advisory Board for the Qualitative Data Repository.

When he isn’t disarming trolls on twitter with his witty banter, Andy enjoys glamping in Scotland with his three children and their excitable border collie Meg. He’s also interested in film, TV and video games, including retro and strategy gaming, Star Trek (especially Voyager – of course…), the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. He can often be found perfecting his knowledge of Bombay café food and beating the OLH team in a round of the online strategy game OpenRA.

Selected publications.

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