Dr Steph Driver

Publishing Technologies Developer
The Keeper of the Keys

Steph is our accessibility-specialist developer, and works on ensuring that open access means properly accessible systems and content for all. She is a natural educator and holds an Excellence in Education award for her innovative teaching, helping her students use their skills to work smarter. She can often be found using her technical wizardry to help empower the team to find new solutions and clever automations, and takes pride in working to make the OLH truly open.

Steph grew up in Sri Lanka, and previously studied Natural Sciences. She holds a PhD in Creative Writing, looking at writer-computer synergy, and has her own creative practice in 3D poetry, exploring the intersecting dimensions of text and page.

A former RAF cadet Corporal, Steph has flown a plane (complete with loop the loop and barrel rolls) and has completed four glider launches. When she isn’t flying the flag for accessibility, Steph enjoys putting the world to rights with her knitting crew and her trusty canine, Archer.