OLH German Editorial Team

Applications are now open for the German Editorial Team of the Open Library of Humanities multidisciplinary journal, Open Library of Humanities . We are looking for academics with the necessary qualifications, commitment and enthusiasm to help us develop our German editorial team and oversee German-language article submissions to Open Library of Humanities .

If you have academic editorial expertise, are a native or fluent German speaker, and would like to get involved in open access publishing, please get in touch. We're looking for skilled academics in the following areas:

  • Archaeology
  • Art, Design & Art History
  • Commnunication Studies
  • Cultural Studies & Critical Theory
  • Digital Humanities and Library & Information Science
  • Gender Studies & Queer Theory
  • Geography
  • History
  • Law & Legal Studies
  • Literatures & Languages
  • Media Studies
  • Music & Sound Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science & Political Theory
  • Psychology
  • Theology & Religious Studies
  • Transcultural Studies
  • Translation Studies

The above areas are disciplinary suggestions; if you feel that your research area is not listed but is of relevance to the humanities, please feel free to get in touch.

To apply, please email a Cover Letter / Letter of Application as well as your CV to: editorial@openlibhums.org. Please ensure that you include information about your current academic position, editorial experience, research publications, and your contact details.

We look forward to hearing from you!