CFP: Production Archives 02 – Production Contexts

Posted by Paula Clemente Vega on 16 June 2021

Open Library of Humanities Journal Special Collection: Call for Papers

Production Archives 02 – Production Contexts

The open-access special collection Production Archives invites article submissions to a critical forum dedicated to the theme of "Production Contexts". Published by the Open Library of Humanities journal, this forum aims to widen the cultural studies lens by refocussing from isolated high-profile individual authors, texts, and performers to the wider, but still too often neglected, material network of ‘off-stage’ practitioners, labourers, infrastructures, institutions, and economic contexts that shape their cultural productions as events. To these ends, “Production Contexts” will explore both the legacies of archived outputs of creative labour (designs, logbooks, notations, etc.) and the relationships between international creative communities and their economic, technological, socio-political, institutional and organizational contexts. Such analyses may even extend to the service, retail, transport, material production, manual labour, waste disposal and other market activities that are contingent upon a given performance, exhibition, or cultural production, but rarely conceived as part of that event itself. Another central interest will be the formations and transformations of past and current trends, issues and practices in cultural productions, festivals, and creative industries, and reflections on the future of the marketing, distribution, and reception of collaborative creative labour (especially in the digital age and the time of the Covid-19 pandemic) in digital festivals and audience development, genre-shifts, and hybrid formats of production and consumption.

This open-access collection addresses this significant critical gap by publishing high quality peer-reviewed articles that foreground the material conditions, stages and legacies of (communal) creative labour, expand the coordinates, and diversify the contexts of cultural productions. We invite papers from a wide academic field that analyse production contexts in relation to the following topics: 

the archived outputs of creative labour (designs, logbooks, notations, etc. as collected in the digitised production archives of the Salzburg database: see CORE – THEATRE | OPERA | FESTIVAL at

practitioner approaches to the performance mechanics, design craft and receptions of actual cultural productions)

sites of cultural production (theatres, operas, museums, festivals, street performances, galleries, libraries, archives, online, multimedia, transmedia, etc.)

media of cultural production (performing arts, film, TV, video, radio, photography, music, toys, games, digital and emerging hybrid formats, etc.)

activities of cultural production (advertising and marketing, architecture, art, crafts, design, fashion, publishing, R&D, IT, software and computer services, etc.)

theoretical and thematic approaches to cultural productions (performance, identity, effect, genre, gender, sexuality, race, disability studies, economic class, social history, anthropology, economics, theology, politics, intercultural perspectives etc.)

the institutional, economic, technical, socio-political and/or creative production contexts of the production and/or archiving of cultural and creative labour

the ethics and aesthetics of cultural productions

case studies exploring a specific production in terms of its contexts of production and reception

Research articles should be approximately 8000 words in length, including references and a short bibliography. Submissions should include:

Abstract (250 words)

Full-length article (8000 words)

Author information (short biographical statement of 200 words)

The deadline for submission is currently open on a rolling basis.

The special collection, edited by Prof. Sabine COELSCH-FOISNER (editor-in-chief), Prof. Vicky ANGELAKI, Dr. Paul FAGAN, Prof. Roger LUCKHURST, is to be published in the Open Library of Humanities (OLH) (ISSN 2056-6700). The OLH is an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation-funded open-access journal with a strong emphasis on quality peer review and a prestigious academic steering board. Unlike some open-access publications, the OLH has no author-facing charges and is instead financially supported by an international consortium of libraries.

Submissions should be made online at in accordance with the author guidelines and clearly marking the entry as PRODUCTION ARCHIVES 02 - PRODUCTION CONTEXTS. Submissions will then undergo a double-blind peer review process. Authors will be notified of the outcome as soon as reports are received and an editorial decision made.

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