Library partnership fees.

This page can be used to calculate your membership fee and sign up.

We use our library funding to cover the costs of publishing diamond open access. As more libraries join the OLH, this allows us to grow our range of academic journals at a sustainable rate and build open-source infrastructure to benefit the entire academic community.

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Calculate your fee.

Please use this calculator to assess your membership fee. Membership is renewable on an annual basis. If your institution belongs to a geographical region that is not covered here, please contact our Marketing Officer, Paula Clemente Vega, at

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Supporter bands.

Our fees are banded, based on country and size of institution, which means that scholars and institutions worldwide stand to benefit. Universities are also given the opportunity to voluntarily support us at a higher membership rate, tiered into bronze, silver, gold, and platinum levels.

We adjust the fees by country using data from the World Bank on gross national income (GNI) per capita. There is no perfect indicator of economic disparity by country and region, but GNI is better than the alternatives at tracking wealth. It cares about who receives income, rather than where goods and services are produced, so it shows who profits from labour more clearly. With this model we can estimate purchasing power around the world. The estimate is rough, so we are committed to making exceptions where circumstances call for them.

The table below shows fees for a sample spread of countries, in US dollars, Euro, and British pounds.

Higher membership levels, 2023–24
Country Membership level
Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
India $300 $450 $600 $900
South Africa $850 $1,270 $1,700 $2,550
Brazil $1,020 $1,530 $2,040 $3,060
Czechia €3,100 €4,660 €6,210 €9,310
Italy €4,540 €6,820 €9,090 €13,630
Japan $5,310 $7,970 $10,630 $15,940
France €5,380 €8,080 €10,770 €16,160
UK £5,000 £7,500 £10,000 £15,000
Germany €6,420 €9,640 €12,850 €19,280
USA $9,610 $14,420 $19,230 $28,840
Standard membership, 2023–24
Country Institution size
Small (0-4,999 students) Medium (5,000-9,999 students) Large (10,000+ students)
India $100 $100 $120
South Africa $180 $260 $340
Brazil $220 $320 $410
Czechia €670 €960 €1,250
Italy €980 €1,410 €1,830
Japan $1,150 $1,650 $2,140
France €1,170 €1,670 €2,170
UK £1,030 £1,545 £2,060
Germany €1,390 €1,990 €2,590
USA $2,080 $2,980 $3,870

Consortial offer.

We welcome expressions of interest from consortia, societies, networks, and scholarly projects interested in joining the OLH as a bloc. Applied to each institution’s fee, consortial groups gain a discount of:

  • 5% if a group of 10 institutions joins
  • 10% if 20 institutions join
  • 15% if more than 30 join

To benefit from this offer, or get further information, please email the OLH Marketing Officer