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CFP: The Abolition of the University / Deadline: 1 March, 2016

Posted by Martin Paul Eve on 2015-05-14

In 1968, Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o and his colleagues at the University of Nairobi called for the abolition of the English department. They attacked an enduring colonial legacy and envisioned an intellectual renaissance in Africa. Conversely, in recent years, many departments have found themselves “abolished” for another reason: the neoliberal rhetoric of financial sustainability and austerity, [...]

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CFP: American Literature and the Transnational Marketplace / Deadline: 1 August, 2015

Posted by Martin Paul Eve on 2015-02-27

The last fifteen years have seen substantial changes in the way scholars have engaged with US literature and culture. In particular, the rise of two methodological paradigms, TRANSNATIONALISM and PRINT CULTURE STUDIES, have paved the way for exciting new approaches to key questions that have always been at the heart of the discipline: the relationship between literature and nationhood, [...]

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CFP: Multifocal and Collaborative Approaches to South Asian History / Deadline: 31 August, 2015

Posted by Martin Paul Eve on 2015-02-23

“Big picture” history is vulnerable to the distortion of the wide-angle lens and the grandiosity of the panorama. Microhistory has become the norm on account of offering fine-grained fidelity to “lived experience,” yet it can suffer from myopia and make a fetish of uniqueness, or overreach in attempts to generalize from parochial particulars. South Asian history, especially for [...]

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CFP: Healing Gods, Heroes and Rituals in the Graeco-Roman World / Deadline: 25 May, 2015

Posted by Martin Paul Eve on 2015-02-13

  The connection between belief and healing has featured in almost every human civilization. From its central presence in the narratives of the Abrahamic religions, through to studies of the placebo effect, societies have long been fascinated by the capacity of faith to heal, whether this is treated as a natural phenomenon or a gift from a supernatural or theological realm. This [...]

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CFP: Teaching and Learning in Antiquity / Deadline: May 1st 2015 / OLH

Posted by Martin Paul Eve on 2015-02-10

  As the chorus of Aeschylus' Agamemnon reminds us through the maxim pathei mathos (“through suffering comes learning”), ancient notions of teaching and learning extend well beyond the walls of the classroom. Despite Aeschylus' concise formulation, the complex processes underlying learning have eluded scholars across disciplines for millennia. This collection explores texts [...]

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CFP: Religious Subcultures in Unexpected Places / Deadline: May 1st 2015 / OLH

Posted by Martin Paul Eve on 2015-02-05

  The first in a series of calls for papers for OLH special collections. In April 2013, the Society for the Anthropology of Religion held its biennial meeting in Pasadena, California, USA.  The theme was “Religious Syncretism and Synergies.”  This gathering of scholars featured a broad spectrum of research on religious cultures and how they have situated [...]

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