Our team.

We are based at Birkbeck, University of London, but make up a geographically distributed network of expert bookworms, specialist software developers, and typography enthusiasts.

Although we work remotely from across the UK and beyond, we’re united by our belief in the power of shared knowledge and our commitment to the open-access revolution. We also have a shared love of arts and culture, retro gaming, AI glitches, and dreadful puns, and a strong desire to make the world of academic publishing a better place.


Dr Caroline Edwards

Executive Director

The Revolutionary

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Dr Rose Harris-Birtill

Editorial Director

The Strategist

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Andy Byers

Director of Publishing Technology

Defender of the Code

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Editorial, marketing & projects.

Dr Simon Everett

Editorial Officer

The Archivist

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Paula Clemente Vega

Marketing Officer

The Artist

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Dr Katherine Parker-Hay

Publishing Development Officer

Project Whisperer

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Naomi Morris

CHASE Doctoral Training Partnership Intern


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  • “Working at the OLH is like being on a sports team full of Tolkien nerds. You’re challenged and inspired to do your best, without being precious. You genuinely have each others’ backs because the wins are collective, and dawn is not far off.”

    Joseph Muller, Senior Publishing Technologies Developer.

  • “I’m proud to work for such an excellent organisation and a genuinely important cause. The culture at OLH is really positive, inclusive and welcoming – our small close-knit team feels more like a family.”

    Dr Rose Harris-Birtill, Editorial Director.

  • “The OLH is home to an eclectic mix of people who are working together for a common political goal but know how to enjoy themselves in the process.”

    Dr Katherine Parker-Hay, Publishing Development Officer.

Publishing technology.

Mauro Sanchez

Senior Publishing Technologies Developer

The Architect

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Joseph Muller

Senior Publishing Technologies Developer

The Translator

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Siobhan Haime

Publishing Technologies Librarian

The Tactician

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Dr Steph Driver

Publishing Technologies Developer

The Keeper of the Keys

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